Q0: How much does a duberPython license cost?
A0: $25 USD per PC
Q1: What Python version does duberPython support?
A1: duberPython running on the CLR 4 was tested and works flawlessly with IronPython version 2.7.2, or equally CPython version 2.7
Q2: Is duberPython compatible with regular CPython libraries?
A2: With most of them, yes. However, since duberPython utilizes the IronPython engine, that means that whatever is IronPython compatible with, duberPython is too. There are some specific libraries that IronPython (therefore duberPython) does not support, though.
Q3: What 3ds Max version and build is supported by duberPython?
A3: Since duberPython is essentially a .NET plugin written specifically for 3ds Max, it is almost entirely version and platform agnostic. Which is a fantastic advantage as you don't have to worry about duberPython not working for you after you decide to upgrade your 3ds Max seats. However, there are two variations of duberPython. These differ in the .NET version it was built against. The CLR 3 version is suitable for 3ds Max 2009 and newer. And the CLR 4 version is suitable for 3ds Max 2012 and better.
Q4: We're still on 3ds Max 2009, where can we get the CLR 3 version?
A4: Please contact me directly, I'll send you the CLR 3 version via e-mail.
Q5: How long will the trial version of duberPython run for?
A5: The trial is a fully functional, time restricted version of duberPython, so you can safely develop any tools you like with it. However, it will work for thirty (30) 3ds Max restarts or for thirty (30) days. Whichever comes first.
Q6: I like duberPython a lot! How do I register it? Do I need to reinstall it?
A6: No, you don't need to reinstall anything. Just purchase a license via the Buy page and as soon as you receive the license in your e-mail, simply replace the old license with the new one, or run this command: dPyUtils.register "XXXX" ("XXXX" stands for the license key you'll receive in your e-mail including more thorough instructions).
Q7: Is duberPython reliable?
A7: Well, yes it is. This is one of the reasons I decided to release it to the public. It is so reliable and so useful even Pixomondo purchased a site license for all their facilities and has been using it since!
Q8: You mentioned Shotgun support, where can we get that?
A8: Shotgun wrapper for MAXScript is available upon request for free! Just drop me an e-mail.
Q9: Do you also provide site licenses?
A9: Yes! I do, but they're available upon request. Please contact me directly.
Q10: Can we run duberPython from a centralized location on the network?
A10: Yes you can, but only the machines registered in the license will be able to run duberPython. Contact me directly for centralized license options.
Q11: What if I don't like duberPython?
A11: I seriously doubt that :) but if that's really the case, simply run dPyUtils.uninstall() and duberPython will be completely removed from you 3ds Max installation and will not be executed again the next time you restart 3ds Max.
Q12: Will you provide us with the source code of duberPython?
A12: Sorry, but no.
Q13: Where can I find all the methods and properties that are available in duberPython?
A13: In the documentation section.